With the recent popularity of cake decorating shows on television, people have taken to the idea of a custom-sculpted cake as the life of the party. Why settle for a store-bought, overly greasy, common and boring cake for your retirement party? You have years of past work and future fun to celebrate! Why not cherish the moment with an edible replica of your desk at work, with every detail down to the coffee mug and picture of your dog?!

From birthdays to baby showers, weddings to bar mitzvahs, promotions to graduations, no occasion is too small for a truly memorable, unique and delicious cake. Cake or Death’s philosophy is based on that very idea: We can make anything out of cake for any reason! 

Cake or Death will work with your budget, your inspirations, your ideas, and your timelines to make your custom creation absolutely perfect. As artists, we can take your concept and build around and upon it to sculpt something amazing, memorable, and edible. Make a statement at any occasion. Make it Cake or Death!